Yates Brothers to SheffieldCutlery.com

History About SheffieldCutlery.com

Sheffieldcutlery.com was established in 1898 as Yates Brothers making caps and ferrules for the cutlery industry. From small beginnings, the company has grown into one of Sheffield's major suppliers to cutlery manufacturers and is proud to be the only family owned cutlery component manufacturer in Sheffield. Our team of highly skilled craftspeople still manufacture caps and ferrules along with a wide range of cutlery handles in stainless steel, nickel silver and sterling silver, supplied throughout the UK and internationally.

The new generation - taking Sheffieldcutlery.com into the future

With a new generation of professionally qualified Company Directors, Yates is a highly ambitious and thriving company, continuously exploring developing technologies to make sure SheffieldCutlery.com stay well ahead.